Come, Stay and Learn for a Truly Immersive English Language Experience

Business Class Immersion 

First Class English for Business

If you want to improve your English for your work then you are in the right place.

Again, an immersion experience is the very best way to get a lot of English in a short space of time.

As with our other courses, we will work on the English that you need to improve – whether this is for your current job, a possible promotion or change of role or a one-off event like an international conference or meeting, we will focus on the language you have to use in that situation. From day 1 you will be learning exactly what you need to improve your English skills for the tasks you will be doing or the event you will attend

Our Business Class courses are intensive and offer training in the mornings and afternoons. We cover specific skills in work such as Making Presentations, Meetings, or Socialising. You can choose which of these areas are important to you or give us a list of your own scenarios if these are different. We will design the course for you and/or your group.

Even though there will be several training sessions each day, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ and we want to you relax and enjoy your time here as well as making it profitable for your work. So, to allow for some relaxation and to see something of the place, we will take you out for a visit in the middle of the week and both of the weekend days if you are here for a fortnight or the Saturday if you are here for a week. This will be a chance to continue to use your English but in a different setting. We have found that far from being simple relaxation, these ‘away’ sessions are just as profitable for your English as sitting in the classroom. We have a range of different places to offer.

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Another feature of our Business/Work related courses is that we try, if possible, to find people we know who are in the same or a related field and whom we can invite over (usually for dinner) so you can have a chance to ‘talk turkey’. So in the past we matched an accountant with an accountant, agricultural specialist with a farmer, a designer with a photographer and a project manager in hydro-electric power with a local businessman in wind power. These opportunities are really valuable as they allow you to discuss your industry in an authentic, yet relaxed and supported way with a native speaker who has a similar role.

The intention of  you immersion course is not to teach you business language specifically (although we can do that where necessary) but to give you the language you need to perform well in the areas of business and work that you need to use English be that at work or in more social situation. You tell us and we create the best course for you.

The setting and location of Fleetham Lodge as a centre for study is ideal as it allows you to learn in surroundings devoid of distraction where you can really focus on the job at hand and dig deep into new language and vocabulary, use it immediately and see great improvements in your English.

Afternoon tea is something Quintessentially English & we’d love you to try some Real Yorkshire tea and cake!