Come, Stay and Learn for a Truly Immersive English Language Experience


A Quintessentially English Christmas Course

Join us for this most festive of immersion experiences!  There is a ton of Christmas joy waiting for you, and the opportunity to advance your English language skills.  As you can see from the video, we have all kinds of activities planned to give you the full British Christmas experience. Continue reading

An English Christmas

English Christmas
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  A time of feasting, a time of celebrating, a time of rejoicing. There is nothing like Christmastime, and there is especially nothing like Christmastime in England!  Continue reading

Winter Wonderland

ice skating - winter wonderland
I step out onto the slick, frozen, expanse, tentatively, feeling my way forward.  A gust of wind tugs at my cheery bright red scarf, making the tassels dance.  My face is flushed with the cold, and with excitement, as I begin to glide forward across the ice, first one foot then the other.  As I go, I pick up speed as my confidence increases.  My skates go schlick, schlick, schlick, faster and faster across the ice!  I pass smiling couples and laughing children, all swirling about, skating to and fro.  The children’s laughter is infectious, and I forget about my initial apprehension and laughter bubbles from my lips.  I am flying free across the icy lake! Continue reading

Spooky Halloween Immersion Course

spooky halloween immersionBlack cats dart to and fro.  Ghostly ghouls lurk just out of sight, hiding in the mists of the moors.  Your path is lit by candles flickering in the gaping mouths of grinning jack o lanterns. You’re on your way to the most frightfully fun filled English Immersion experience of your life! Continue reading

A Historical Experience

historical experiencesWe love to spend time and share experiences with our international friends, which is why we love it when they come and stay with us at Fleetham Lodge!  We always aim to make each visit special in every way; with individualized focus and study of English, with time to relax and enjoy in and around our home, and with exciting and enriching local cultural and historical experiences that help our guests get to know and enjoy England the way that we do.  Continue reading

Immersion Experience – Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest Autumn PictureThe air is getting crisp, the leaves are beginning to turn lovely shades of yellow and orange, and the days are growing shorter.  That’s right, Autumn is here, and it is a beautiful time to visit North Yorkshire!  This is an especially exciting time of year because there are so many fall festivals to attend which are of course the perfect place to meet people and practice speaking English!  One of my favorite festivals has always been Oktoberfest, and this year Newcastle Upon Tyne is hosting their first annual Oktoberfest to bring the fun of this traditional Bavarian holiday into our community.

This celebration promises to be memorable with lots of traditional Bavarian beer and delicious Oktoberfest foods like bratwurst, schnitzel, and pretzel.  There is going to be a German band playing great music and the website is encouraging attendees to wear dirndl and lederhosen which will certainly make for a very authentic and festive atmosphere!  Continue reading

Afternoon Tea – A Great British Tradition

The consumption of a small meal in the afternoon usually consisting of tiny sandwiches, small cakes and a cup of tea was established in the mid nineteenth century. At the time lunch would have been served around noon and dinner (this was only in the great houses of the aristocracy and wealthy merchants) not until eight in the evening and so this small snack in the afternoon was desirable.

From this a great British tradition – Afternoon Tea – was born which became common in many households and still continues today.

Typical English Afternoon Tea.

Typical English Afternoon Tea.

Continue reading

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

This is a phrase used to describe the month of March, and this year it has had a ring of truth to it.

After quite a wishy-washy winter with lots of rain, March suddenly arrived with frost, cold winds and snowy blasts. However, as we get towards the end of the month, the sun is shining and the daffodils and crocuses are out in force – it’s a really lovely time of the year, full of promise and life.

Picture 066 (2)

Spring really lifts spirits and makes you feel truly alive! It is really good to be in England when conditions are like this (after all, we get more than our fair share of rain) as the flowers are just wonderful. Continue reading

Afternoon tea is something Quintessentially English & we’d love you to try some Real Yorkshire tea and cake!