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English Immersion and Cycling

English & CyclingOne of the course options we offer is the English and Cycling Immersion course.  Here is your chance to ride the amazing terrain of the Yorkshire National Parks and experience the beautiful outdoors in England.  Among the many cycling adventures on which you could embark, your main focus would be the first rate English training that we have to offer.  Immerse yourself in learning the English language and enjoy going on many bike rides in between.  Trust us, you will not only be learning, you will be making life-long memories on your exciting cycling adventures.

Knowing cyclists, I am sure that you would be excited to get out on a bicycle and up into the hills, but you will first need to direct your enthusiasm into the first order of the day…your English lessons.  Our trainings are delivered with as much as enthusiasm and pride as the cycling, making your stay double profitable.  In England, we always have to go with what Mother Nature throws our way with the weather, so keep in mind that flexibility is a must for how the plans for the day will unfold.

We have a selection of bicycles and helmets here at Fleetham Lodge and my husband, David, is a keen cyclist.  He will make sure that you have everything you need in terms of good equipment for the cycle tours that we choose.

Our local area is very popular with cyclists and we have many enthusiasts among our friends here.  We would be inviting them to join you on some of the rides. This will give you a fantastic opportunity to continue your English practice and ensure that your course is truly full of immersion.  We value every moment of your time with us.  Why not get out for a good ride while practicing your English?  Sounds like a win-win to us.

Most of our students, whatever course they take, usually take at least one ride around the village. The roads are fairly quiet and there are a few short circuits that are perfect before breakfast, if you are an early riser or before dinner in the early evening. Ride down to the shop for a newspaper or ice-cream or take a short trip to see our 13th century church.

The area around Fleetham Lodge is ideal for cycling, being open and relatively flat. As previously mentioned, we always have to work around whatever may come our way when the weather is concerned.  You will want to bring your own weatherproof clothing and shoes with you.

Just remember that we ride on the left here!

Here are two possible route options:

Yorkshire Dales Cycling Route

Cycling Dales


The first route begins on the Wensleydale railway.  Once there you will head off on a beautiful ride through the glorious Yorkshire Dales stopping for lunch on the way.  Your adventure through the Dales will continue, returning to the station for the journey home in the late afternoon.



North York Moors Cycling RouteCycling Moors


This route takes in the North York Moors around the village of Osmotherley where we will follow the heritage cycle route to Rievaulx Abbey, whose ruins are a tourist attraction.  The Abbey lies in a wooded dale surrounded by hills.

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