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English Courses for Families

Courses for Families

(The joys of learning and exploring together)

Our very first family

Our very first family

When our very first family arrived from Japan two years ago we were not exactly certain how things would work out but it was perfect.

We had a bedroom for each member of the family (children can also share a bedroom if they wish as we have a twin room) and after a long trip via the US they were grateful for the use of the laundry room and a space just to relax, have fun and study English.

Our family groups are from 3 to 5 people and we can accommodate any age of child.

We provide two teachers for each of our family courses essentially one for adults and one for children but how the lessons are organised is flexible and the children can split the lessons if they are not around the same age. With very small children who only require a very short lesson we can get a babysitter to come and play with the child until the parents have completed their own lessons.

Lessons take place in the morning so that we can organise visits and activities for all of you together in the afternoons. Our courses for children will include some craft work, songs and other hands-on activities. We also include some cooking – we have found that this works really well and is a great way of using English! The adults are welcome to join in too!

The courses are bespoke for each participant and we will find out from you when you book exactly what you want to achieve on this course and this is what we will deliver. You will all get a book to use and take home with you and we will also use lots of other materials to make your course interesting and successful.


Family fun on the golf course

Family fun on the golf course

As with all our courses, we will create an immersion environment to give you and your children the chance to use as much English as possible. We also organise visits for the afternoons and some activities (depending on the age of the children) in the evenings. We choose places that have interest for both adults and children and sometimes both teachers will go with you so that we can do both adult and children things simultaneously. The adults may wish to tour a historic house and the children play in the garden. We are also sensitive to the fact that you may wish to go out as a family and can help you to do this by suggesting places, giving lifts to the station or helping you to hire a car.


Afternoon tea is something Quintessentially English & we’d love you to try some Real Yorkshire tea and cake!