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Two-Week English Immersion for Teenagers + Golf



How many teenagers do you know looking forward to their “summer classes”? I’m going to guess none, but maybe I’m wrong.  Well, we have come up with something not only educational, but FUN for the teenager in your life! A two-week English Immersion Session, that includes golf.  Continue reading

Afternoon Tea – A Great British Tradition

The consumption of a small meal in the afternoon usually consisting of tiny sandwiches, small cakes and a cup of tea was established in the mid nineteenth century. At the time lunch would have been served around noon and dinner (this was only in the great houses of the aristocracy and wealthy merchants) not until eight in the evening and so this small snack in the afternoon was desirable.

From this a great British tradition – Afternoon Tea – was born which became common in many households and still continues today.

Typical English Afternoon Tea.

Typical English Afternoon Tea.

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Total Immersion for Boarding School Goal

Marie (16 years) was really excited about coming to complete her education at a boarding school in England. She had heard all about it from some friends who had done the same and she couldn’t wait to join the school and choose her ‘A’ Level subjects.

unspecifiedSo, you can imagine how devastated she felt when, after her interview at the school, they told her that her English language level was not of a high enough standard to enter the school at sixth form level. Marie and her parents were in shock. It was already the end of May and the new term would begin at the start of September. She had already left her school in France and had no other option for continuing her education. How could they turn this around for Marie in such a short time? Continue reading

Immersion for Business School in Boston

Yoann, 19 years, had completed his education in France and it was his dream to study Business and Finance at Boston University in the US. The entry requirements asked for a TOEFL score and, as it was a well-known university, the required score was high – 85 on the iBT test. His parents were keen for him to prepare well for the test and wanted him to have some intensive training.

Yoann’s mother first contacted me in July and we decided that he would come for 6 weeks to focus on the TOEFL exam. He would take the exam here in the UK in November and then return to France to prepare for his departure to Boston in January. As courses here at Fleetham Lodge are very intensive due to their immersive nature, 6 weeks would be the longest course I had ever run and I decided that we should have two teachers to share the teaching, which would be better for both teachers and student. Continue reading

Why A full Immersion Course is the Fastest Way to Improve your English Language

Working on Writing

Formal lessons lay a good foundation but are only part of the mix

Imagine waking up each morning and having to use English for the whole day? This may sound a little scary or it may feel very challenging, but the truth is that in this situation you are guaranteed to make really rapid progress with your English language skills.

However, not all full-immersion courses achieve the same results and it is important to understand exactly what will get you the results you want with your English and what might not.

An immersion course where you are taking formal lessons for 6 or 8 hours a day after which you go back to a hotel will be tiring and the amount of information that you spend all day cramming into your head might not get the chance to filter into your memory immediately. Language needs time to ‘bed down’ and you need lots of varied opportunities to actually use the language in a meaningful way in order for you to remember it. Continue reading

6 Reasons You Might Not Want to Choose London for Your English Course

Let’s face it; the UK is a very small place and you can travel to any part of it in a relatively short time. There are also many delights to be had scenically, historically and in terms of course quality across the whole of the UK so it’s worth spreading your wings and discovering new places!

Tower Bridge

Don’t get me wrong I like London – I lived there for 12 years and I taught there and received Home Tuition students, too. There is a lot to do and it’s relatively easy (I use this word advisedly as travelling does take a lot of time) to get around. I agree up to a point with Samuel Johnson’s remark:

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” Continue reading

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

This is a phrase used to describe the month of March, and this year it has had a ring of truth to it.

After quite a wishy-washy winter with lots of rain, March suddenly arrived with frost, cold winds and snowy blasts. However, as we get towards the end of the month, the sun is shining and the daffodils and crocuses are out in force – it’s a really lovely time of the year, full of promise and life.

Picture 066 (2)

Spring really lifts spirits and makes you feel truly alive! It is really good to be in England when conditions are like this (after all, we get more than our fair share of rain) as the flowers are just wonderful. Continue reading

English immersion – farm visits and supermarkets!

After the amazing March weather we were hoping for a bright, sunny Easter but it was not to be. April came with lots of ‘April showers’, however it didn’t stop us from getting out and about with our next group from Holland. Here expertise ranged from food technology, through finance to agriculture so there was activity and content to suit everyone.

One of the classroom activities which I like to do at the beginning and end of the programme is to get everybody to make a short presentation about their work. Usually at the beginning this is a way of introducing oneself and it is quite informal. However, at the end of the programme it is a more formal affair and everybody prepares a short talk about some aspect of their job (or sometimes it’s a hobby or interest) and then makes a presentation to the group.


Ton tells us all about the Dairy Cow

Ton tells us all about the Dairy Cow

Charles has a go at explaining Economics

Charles has a go at explaining Economics

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From Russia with Love – Learn English


On June 1st two students arrived from Russia.

Working hard on their writing

Working hard on their writing

These were our very first students to come here from Russia to study English (although we have had teachers before)! They had made quite a journey from Samara to Moscow to London and finally on the train to Yorkshire!

I am very impressed by their determination to get here to stay and study with me.

As always on immersion courses at Fleetham Lodge we had organised a good mix of study, activities and trips out to local places.

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Afternoon tea is something Quintessentially English & we’d love you to try some Real Yorkshire tea and cake!