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Adventures in the Yorkshire Dales and Moors

Today is the first day of spring and we have seen rain snow and wind – where has spring gone? If you remember my post ‘In Like a Lion out Like lamb’ then you will know that this description of spring is pretty close to the truth.

dales walking

So to mark the coming of better weather I have decided to undertake 6 adventures in the Yorkshire Moors and Dales. Each of these will be a walk in a different part of the county and each will be aimed at visiting a particular thing be this historical, natural, cultural, or simply fun! I intend to take lots of photos and also some video footage so that I can share with you the beauty and range of places that Yorkshire has to offer.

So, come with me over the next 6 weeks on 6 new adventures and discover some new and wonderful places and who knows, you may be visiting these places in person when you come and stay with me to improve and practise your English but also explore this special part of the UK.

Over the past week the spring flowers have all been opening and there is a riot of colour in the garden. After the grey, dull winter months it is so exciting to see the daffodils, early tulips and crocuses poke their heads out of the ground and fill the ground with a riot of colour.

The first adventure will begin this week and the plan is to start in the Yorkshire Dales with a walk from Aysgarth Falls to Bolton Castle. We’ll be walking through Freeholders Wood on to the castle and then back to the spectacular waterfalls.

I hope that you will enjoy these short adventures into the Yorkshire countryside and be inspired to come and walk with us on an English and Walking Course here at Fleetham Lodge or just enjoy a simple day out in the countryside as part of our Quintessentially English Courses.



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