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An English Christmas

English Christmas
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  A time of feasting, a time of celebrating, a time of rejoicing. There is nothing like Christmastime, and there is especially nothing like Christmastime in England! 

Here at Fleetham Lodge, we love to enjoy all of the traditions that make this time of year extra special.  One of my favourite things to do it to visit some of the Christmas fairs, such as the Harrogate Christmas Fair.  The fair has delicious holiday meals to enjoy, beautiful crafts to enjoy and purchase, and fun craft making demonstrations and the chance to make your own holiday crafts!  One of the crafts I am especially looking forward to trying my hand at this year are the beeswax hand rolled candles, I think they will look beautiful illuminating the center of the Fleetham Lodge Christmas table!

English Christmas 2
Another of my holiday favourites is visiting some of the grand houses and castles around us and enjoying the lovely and elegant decorations.  Castle Howard is absolutely gorgeously bedecked with sweeping garlands and greenery from the surrounding estates and beautiful Christmas trees decorated with delicate handblown ornaments.  It is breathtaking to behold in all of its glory!

English Christmas 3

Lotherton Hall is another fun experience, they have a fun and interactive 12 Days of Christmas Walk where guests can wander through a magical woodland lit with twinkly lights and experience the classic song, “Twelve Days of Christmas” in person.  Imagine being able to leap right along with the nine lords and getting to listen to the two calling birds!  It is fun for the entire family.  In the Courtyard of Lotherton Hall we like to warm up with a fragrant cup of mulled cider or a thick and creamy mug of chocolate and enjoy some delicious snacks and relaxing conversation.

These are just a few of my favourite things to do during the Christmas season at home, and this year we are very excited to get to share these and many other Christmas experiences with our immersion students who come to one of our two courses during the months of November and December!  We are really looking forward to Christmas this year because part of the beauty of the season is having special people to celebrate it with, and we are thrilled that we will get to share these special experiences with some of you, and also get a chance to work with you to help you improve your English and to make your English language goals reality!  We are always thankful when we get that chance to be with you and to work with you, and no time is this more evident than during the Christmas season.

We can’t wait to share this holiday with you! Merry Christmas everyone!

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