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Come and Stay at One of the Best Places in the UK

One of the Best Places to Stay in UK
Hambleton, where our beautiful Fleetham Lodge is located, has been voted one of the best places to live in the UK!  This has really only confirmed for us what we have long suspected; that our home here in Hambleton is a particularly lovely and special place to live and to work.  We are so proud of our little town!

The study takes into account things like life expectancy, employment, crime rates, weather, and the health of the residents.  It found that here in Hambleton compared to other towns in the UK the quality of life is higher.  This study even takes into account access to broadband wireless, a very important thing for us at Fleetham Lodge when we have our groups of students in for immersion programmes!

So students; now you don’t just have to take my word for it, Fleetham Lodge is officially one of the best choices that you can make for the location of your English language immersion experience!  Our town is a beautiful, safe place, with fair weather, friendly, happy people, and lots of traditional English pubs to enjoy (another factor in the study if you can believe it!).  A big part of each immersion programme that we put on here is the experience that we create for our students so that each one is totally immersed in not only English language but also English life.  There are so many things to see any do right here in our little town and we always choose a few things that will be fun and enriching for them specifically.  In the past we have visited historic country homes and the gorgeously famous English gardens, we have attended special events in town like The Great Yorkshire Show or local food fayres, and seasonal events like the fantastic Christmas events that we just finished enjoying.  And of course, we always schedule in a visit to our village pub, which is only a mile away and is a great place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal and to hone your English language skills in a pleasant conversation with new friends.

There is always something going on here that will tickle your fancy, and we always try to tailor our activities around what you, the student, will enjoy.  If you are considering an English language immersion programme, Fleetham Lodge in Hambleton is officially one of the best choices that you can make! J  Check out some of our programmes and find one that is perfect for you!  The Ultimate IELTS Workshop is coming up, don’t miss it!

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