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Why Immersion is the Best Way to Master a Language

Immersion Best Way to Master LanguageImmersion.  What does it mean?  Why is it such a big deal when attempting to become fluent in a language other than your native tongue?  One of my favorite dictionary definitions of immersion is the, “state of being deeply engaged or involved: absorbed.”  Another definition is to be submerged, and I think that is also a beautiful way to describe it; to totally and completely dunk yourself into a language so that it entirely surrounds you.  Then, when you come back up for air you will find yourself completely invigorated and that your language skills will be a whole lot richer.


An immersion program, like our many programmes that we offer, is characterized by spending time totally surrounded by the language you are learning, in our case English, and submerging yourself in it totally.  This means not only speaking the language and studying it in books, but experiencing it in a real world setting through culture, conversations in social situations not simulated in a classroom, in art, and in music.  It has been proven that only four weeks of this immersion learning results in the same amount of proficiency and fluency as a year in a classroom; amazing to think, but true.

Studies have shown that learning a second language by immersion activates different parts of the brain than the classic classroom approach, and therefore the student learns the language faster and more thoroughly and they also get a cognitive boost.  Immersion is the most natural way to learn a language, if you think about it, it is exactly how you learned your first native language.  One of the greatest aspects of engaging in an immersion program is that you learn the language experientially in real world conditions.  You’re interacting with real people in real situations and experiencing the language, not simply reading about it in a book or having a simulated conversation.  You’re fears and inhibitions will fall away because you won’t have time to think about your grammar or your accent or your vocabulary choice.  You will get swept away in enjoying the conversation with your new English speaking friends and experiencing the moment that you are in!

If you are ready to begin your immersion experience and make great leaps forward in your fluency in English then we have just the immersion programme for you!  Check out our beautiful Fleetham Lodge which will be your home away from home while you are submerged in your English language learning experience.

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