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The Magic of the English Moor

Magic of the English Moor
The English moors have long been a source of mystery, beauty, and adventure.  They have inspired authors and laymen alike with their wild and glorious expanses.  Thomas Hardy, British author and poet, was inspired by the English moor and chose its haunting beauty as a metaphor for fear, ignorance, and savagery.  To the poet William Wordsworth wandering the moors helped him experience the epitome of beauty and aided in spiritual and emotional enlightenment.  How can two authors have such differing opinions of the same space?  That is part of the magic of the English moor, and to fully understand how it can evoke such conflicting emotions, it is something that you have to experience for yourself.

Here at Fleetham Lodge, we are extremely fortunate to live close to the North York Moors National Park and we can regularly enjoy all that it has to offer.  The North York Moors offers hiking, cycling, horseback riding trails, there is even fishing and surfing along the coast.  There is always something to do and amazing things to see.  The autumn is a particularly beautiful time to experience the moors, the leaves are all changing to beautiful shades of yellow and gold and the weather is crisp and mild.  It is the perfect time to go for a tramp among the rolling grassy hills and, along the coast, this time of year is when you can see harbour porpoises and white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, sei, fin and even large humpback whales swimming along the Yorkshire coast chasing schools of mackerel and herring.

Magic of English Moor

Getting out and walking the moor is one of our favourite things to do, and something that is such a special and quintessentially British experience that it remains one of our favourite things to bring our immersion guests to as well.  There is nothing like an invigorating hike and awe inspiring and glorious views as far as you can see to clear the mind and to refresh the spirit.  I also find that it is remarkably good at helping a student relax and engage easily in a casual, English, conversation, which is one of our goals her during our immersion program: to strip away distractions so that you can focus on strengthening your English language skills.

One of our immersion programs is centered specifically around enjoying some of what the North York Moors have to offer; our English Walking hobby course.  We can incorporate time to explore this magnificent and uniquely British place into almost any of our immersion programmes, just contact us for more details!  Come and have an immersion experience with us and discover the magic of the moors, and multiply your English language skills!

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