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Speciality Courses – English with Golf

Luscious Greens

Here at Fleetham Lodge we have three speciality courses – English and Golf, English and Cycling and English and Walking.  Over the next three weeks I want to showcase each of these and talk about those intrepid students who have come here to Fleetham Lodge to engage in these activities.

This week I want to write about our most sought-after one which is English and Golf.

Golf is a very popular game here in the UK and we have golf courses tucked around every corner – or so it might seem.

At Fleetham Lodge we are fortunate to have a dozen golf courses all within about a 30-minute drive which means that when you come on our English and Golf programme you can play on a different golf course just about every day!


Another advantage of this English and Golf course (for adults as well as juniors) is that we match you, on some days, with local golfers which means that all the time you are playing golf you are using your English in an authentic situation and making new friends with whom you can go and have a drink afterwards.

Karina from Germany came for 2 weeks with her children to improve English and also play golf. The idea was to study every morning and play golf every afternoon.

On the first day we hooked Karina up with two local lady golfers who played with Karina and then took her for lunch at the golf club (we hadn’t expected this and it was such a lovely gesture). The two children meanwhile joined a local golf roll-up (i.e. turn up and play/train) with the pro at Richmond golf club. During this session they both made new friends and we were able to arrange extra golf matches during the week for them. The roll-ups are a great way for juniors to get training and make new friends.

The children enjoying the golf roll-up

During the two weeks the family were with us, they played 8 different golf courses and visited their favourites, Richmond and Romanby, for a second time.

4 keen golfers came from Germany for a week with the proviso that they wanted ‘a little’ English tuition and ‘a lot of’ golf. So, we put golf first and organised games each day with a whole day on Saturday, some with the group and others in two groups with local golfers. They visited 6 courses and enjoyed each one. The favourite seemed to be Richmond as well for its interesting terrain. As the courses are quite close then most of the time was on the course and there was plenty of time to go in the clubhouse for a drink after. And the English? Well, as this was secondary, we fit it all in here and there around the golf and it worked a treat!

Total Concentration


Participating in our English and Golf is very easy, all you need are your clubs – we organise the venues, book the games, pay the green fees, get you a trolley and take and deliver you to and from every course. We know a lot of local golfers and will fix up games, once we know your handicap, on some days with suitable golf buddies.

As the home of golf (we are not too far from Scotland) there is much on offer in terms of great local courses and with everything taken care of – you just need to bring your best game and enjoy playing. Oh, and your new golf buddies? We’ll invite them here for dinner too so you can continue your golfing anecdotes over a well-deserved meal.

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