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Speciality Courses – English and Walking

The Bronte Trail

Situated right between the Yorkshire Moors and the Yorkshire Dales gives us easy access to two important UK National Parks. Not only do they both have wonderful scenery, but they also have hundreds of public footpaths giving access to several walks. These walks range from a very gentle stroll to a tougher hill climb and can take from half an hour to almost a day to cover.

You may remember that earlier in the year I did a series of walks to showcase some of the fantastic places that can be seen in both of our National Parks. If you have an interest in getting outdoors and walking then you should definitely consider our English and Walking course.

Negotiating a stile

We have chosen some wonderful walks of differing lengths to suit a short afternoon stroll and a whole day adventure all through wonderful countryside and all featuring some very traditional and cosy pubs where we can stop for lunch or a drink after the walk. Walking is one of the very best ways of practising and improving English as there is plenty of time to chat while you are enjoying the scenery.

In fact we usually include a small walk in all of our courses – the most usual being a local walk from Fleetham Lodge around the villages – a short loop taking about and hour and allowing you to get to know the local area just in case you want to go off yourself on a short walk or cycle ride.

Checking the Map


If you enjoy walking then this course will be a great treat! We’ll choose a different walk each afternoon and you’ll do some preparation for it in the morning English lesson – this will be about the area, terrain and any local information regarding history or interesting facts, things to look out for etc. We’ll choose different types of view and scenery from the coast to the hills. There will be a chance to take in some historical venues on some of the routes and at the weekend we’ll head off for a whole day on a long (but not necessarily strenuous) walk and, weather permitting, we’ll take a picnic or enjoy a pub lunch in a very traditional, quaint English pub. It’s funny how many walks seem to begin at, end at or have a half-way point at a pub!

A close encounter of the bovine kind

Some exciting features we have encountered with students were a herd of cows while passing under a railway tunnel, large stepping stones across a river and some amazing waterfalls.

Being out in the open always brings up some surprising encounters which, in turn, allows for some new language to come through. This all helps with learning and increases the enjoyment of both the learning process and the immediate surroundings.

What better combination – the outdoors (with some of the unexpected), good company, beautiful scenery and the promise of good food and drink along the way. This could be a little bit of heaven!!

Very friendly horses

The sound of rushing water


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