Come, Stay and Learn for a Truly Immersive English Language Experience

Quintessentially English

(Quintessential means the most perfect/typical example of something)

We chose this title for our general English Immersion course because we wanted this, our signature course to represent everything that is English; the language, culture, history, countryside and the people you meet. For the duration of you course you will be immersed in our little corner of England, living our ‘English life’.

As with all our courses, the content will be tailored to you and the areas of your English that you want to improve and develop.

You will normally have sent us your diagnostic test results before you arrive (if the time is too tight then we will do this the evening before we start lessons or on the first morning). The test is to give us a good idea of your level of skills and also of the areas that we can work on in the lessons. We like to have the test as this gives us time to be really prepared for your very first day. We will spend some time speaking to you about your English and exactly what it is that you want to be able to do with it so that we can make sure that we give you exactly what you want on your course.

Our general English courses address speaking, listening reading and writing in English as well as grammar and vocabulary.

We use a mixture of material from course books and also from real life such as newspapers and magazines. We try to use topics that relate to you, your work (if appropriate) your hobbies and your interests. We may also use things from the internet and even television and radio.

Lessons are generally from 9.00 to 13.00 with a break for coffee.

Coffee breaks and meals are taken with me, my husband, any teachers who are here and anybody else who is in the house – this could be my daughters or people that we invite. They are wonderful chances to speak and listen and learn even more English.

Your afternoon and evening visits will be a combination of historic country houses and gardens, local countryside places, a city visit, the theatre or cinema or any seasonal events such as the Great Yorkshire Show if you are here in the summer or a local food fayre – we try to include any local event that you will find interesting and that will help you to learn more English. You will always be accompanied by one of the teachers on these visits which helps to form a link to your lessons.

We will always visit the village pub which is very welcoming and just a mile away – sometimes we walk if it is a lovely evening (or you can cycle if you wish). In the warmer evenings we can sit outside (they have a burner if it is a little chilly). As the village is very small there are always people that we know at the pub so opportunities for you to have conversations.

The village itself often has activities which we will include if possible and this would be a good way to continue your conversations with new friends.

The combination of formal lessons in the morning and enjoyable activities in the afternoon and evenings is what makes our courses really immersion. You will very quickly see a difference in your English speaking and understanding as well as learn a lot of new vocabulary very quickly.

Afternoon tea is something Quintessentially English & we’d love you to try some Real Yorkshire tea and cake!