8 Reasons why agents choose to work with us


We’re a small (but perfectly formed) school

Being small we can offer quite tailored courses to all our students. We can adapt quickly to the needs of our students and we usually have contact with them before they arrive, to find out as much as we can about them, and what they want to achieve from their language course. We even co-create courses with some of our agent partners for specific groups of students.


Competitive commissions

We offer generous rates of commission and forge strong partnerships in which we support our partners closely to turn potential students into confirmed bookings. Students are, as a result, excited and eager to start their language journey with us and enter into the unique and special experience that is Fleetham Lodge.



We are not in London or the south of the UK and I know from personal experience, that this has, at times, been a barrier in the minds of some agents as well as some students.

There are a few factors in our favour: firstly we are located on the main London to Edinburgh train route, meaning that any students who arrive in London can reach us directly by train (many of our students see this as an opportunity to spend a couple of days in London before heading to us), secondly we have 4 airports which are within reach and from which we collect our students: Leeds/Bradford and Newcastle Airports are just an hour away and Manchester 2 hours. Just 20 minutes away is Teesside Airport which has direct flights for Amsterdam and several students have taken this route. Key here is that we try to meet all our students personally at the airport which gives them further reason to venture to a new location.



Travel time from accommodation to classroom is also an important factor for students, especially in cities like London. Well, fear not, our commute is literally down a flight of stairs! All our students stay with us here at Fleetham Lodge, so once they are here, there is no more commuting to be done!


Excellent Accommodation

Accommodation is something that all students want to know about before they book a course. They need to know that it is comfortable and convenient. At Fleetham Lodge we have 6 bedrooms dedicated to our students with 3 private bathrooms. They are bright, airy and comfortable and have single or shared occupancy (twin as well as doubles). Our students even have their own staircase! 😊 However, it is a family home and they stay here as guests and become part of our household for the duration of their stay – a home from home.


Excellent Social programme

Visits and activities are also a part of the mix and we integrate these fully into the course. Local transport here is very limited and so we provide a range of trips and activities which we take students on and to. Locally there are historic houses, gardens and museums to explore as well as interesting places like York and Whitby. We have a tennis court which is popular and croquet is almost compulsory - being an easy and enjoyable game to play.

Some students have come here to play golf alongside their English lessons and we can arrange for lessons or games with local golfers. We can do the same for other sports like tennis, basketball and football. For the non-sporty we have a range of board games and the value of watching movies together in English cannot be underestimated! 


Guaranteed language progress

To make good progress in a short space of time, class size is important. The more personal attention from the teacher, the quicker the progress and this is only possible when class sizes are small.

Here at Fleetham Lodge our class size is from 1 student to a maximum of 6. This means that there is always personal attention from the teachers. It also means that each student can have their own bedroom and personal space which adds to the whole experience of being here for their English immersion course.

(It is possible for larger, closed groups, to come, if students are willing to share bedrooms and we have organised several of these courses for homogeneous groups such as teachers, colleagues, or a school group. Nevertheless the maximum would not exceed 12).


Access to native speakers

Access to native speakers of English who are not teachers is important in testing language skills. Meeting native speakers like this for more in-depth speaking other than shopping or casual encounters is not always easy. We are lucky here at Fleetham Lodge as we live in a small community and have many friends and family who live locally. As a result we can invite people to dinner with our students or to engage in activities here. The village is very active and there are lots of events which students can attend, from quiz nights to our annual Village Feast in August. This allows lots of opportunities for students to engage with the local community. Some of our students have even been invited to friends’ houses for tea or dinner.