bonfire english immersion blogOn cool crisp fall evenings there is nothing like a crackling bonfire to warm you up and to light up the night!  November 5th is an evening in Great Britain where there are lots of bonfire celebrations to commemorate the night in the year 1605 that the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the House of Lords was averted and many lives were saved.  It is traditional to light up a huge bonfire and to enjoy snacks and drinks with one another in your community.  There is always lots of laughter and celebrating together, and it is so wonderful to be able to be outside in the chilly air but to be able to stay warm next to the roaring hot bonfire!

One of the great highlights of the night are the beautiful fireworks displays at the end of the evening.  I love to lie back and watch the fireworks burst in the night sky among the stars and listen to them pop and crackle.  These types of celebrations happen all over Great Britain on the night of November 5th on this day of thanksgiving for what was prevented.  It is a uniquely British experience that is very memorable and very enjoyable.fireworks bonfire immersion

These are just the types of exciting and historical events that I love to share with my students who travel to be with me for an English language immersion experience!  Events like this are such a great way to get to practice your English in relaxed conversational settings with native English speakers all the while enjoying a slice of British life and culture!

When you come and stay with me in Fleetham Lodge to practice English and to improve your language skills it won’t feel like you are taking a course in a classroom, because you won’t be in one!  Imagine – your hands are wrapped around a delicious mug of hot mulled cider and you are watching the flames dance in a flurry of crackling gold and blue.  The air is crisp and cool and the moon is full above you.  Children run around with sparklers in their hands and their laughter is a delight to your ears.  A fellow merrymaker accepts a cup of cider and comes to stand beside you.  He smiles at you and asks you a question.  There is no pressure, you are relaxed and full of a sense of wellbeing, it will be so easy for you to answer him and to continue your conversation – in English!

With the stress and pressure gone you will see just how well you can speak English – I bet it is better than you thought!  This is just one of the many ways that an immersion experience with me can help you improve your English language skills.  We are always adding new events and programmes that may be of interest to you, so check them out, and come stay and enjoy an immersion experience with us!

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