English and Golf for Teenagers

From the moment we meet you at the airport you will be immersed in English. We are situated right in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, so from the day you arrive to the day you leave you will only hear and speak English (as well as perhaps the sounds of the local sheep or hens!). This means that there is a unique opportunity here to throw yourself into English completely.

For teenagers who love golf and also want to improve their English language — our English and Golf option is the ideal solution.

There is another unique and important opportunity available to you also, and that is to discover a different golf course each day you are here. We are fortunate to be able to offer 12 golf courses within a half-hour drive (and there are many more slightly further away) with the nearest being only 10 minutes away. All of them are different, giving you a chance to explore something new each day. But if you have a favourite and want to play that again – no problem!

And not only that – so that you can enjoy your golf and continue to improve your English we make sure that you play with local young golfers on some of these golf courses. From the Monday afternoon ‘Roll-up’ at Richmond golf course where teenage golfers just ‘show up and play’ and get advice on their game from the junior coach to games we organise for you in the afternoons with other local young golfers, you can be sure that golf will feature every day and you’ll have a chance to make new friends who share your love of the game.

The course

  • Your lessons will usually be in the mornings and as with all our junior courses we will make them fun and interesting placing a lot of emphasis on communication – we will be flexible with timings to accommodate the golf games so we may, for example, move the lesson to the afternoon to enable you to join a morning golf group
  • We use a range of books and materials as well as games and graphic novels
  • All our students have seen dramatic improvements to their fluency and vocabulary
  • Everything we do is aimed at giving you a chance to use and practice English
  • We want you to have the chance to play golf every day and depending on the time of year and weather conditions this could be early afternoon or early evening (twilight)
  • We would also like you to see a little of the local area so if you have a twilight game we will organise a short trip in the afternoon
  • In the evenings we will have movie nights (we have over 200 DVDs to choose from), barbecues or outdoor games (weather permitting). We have our own tennis court and a large lawn suitable for croquet, rounders, cricket etc.

The Practicalities

  • We are a small residential English language centre with 4 bedrooms all with their own bathrooms so there are places for 4 on this course. This means that you will get a lot of attention from your teachers while you are here
  • We are nestled between the Yorkshire Dales and the Yorkshire Moors (both are a short drive away) just outside Northallerton but with excellent road and rail connections. The nearest airports are Teesside (from Amsterdam), Leeds and Newcastle. Manchester is also possible – a longer transfer (2 hours). From London there is a direct train from Kings Cross station to Northallerton station – another ‘cool’ idea might be for your parents to drop you here and then go and have a holiday in the Yorkshire Moors or Dales!!
  • We provide full-board accommodation and we all eat our meals together – teachers and students. We will also meet you at the local airport or station when you arrive and return you there after the course ends – this is all included in the course fee. The only money you will need to bring is for your personal spending
  • We will take you to the golf course each day and sort out the bookings and green fees as well as any buggy hire or other things you will need. All you have to do is take your clubs and enjoy the game – we’ll go through any aspects of etiquette and also give you some golf vocabulary in the lessons

Dates: 2023

  • July 16th – August 19th (Golf is an option on any of our 2-week Summer Teenage Immersion courses)

Prices: 2023

  • July/August (2 weeks) £2,797 per person

Prices include daily tuition (3 hours) + all books/materials, full-board accommodation, all transport to golf courses, green fees and any extra golf costs such as buggies or group fees, any other trips we organise and transfers from local airports or station.

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