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With a population as big as Scotland’s and an area half the size of Belgium, Yorkshire is almost a country in itself. It has its own flag, its own dialect and its own celebration, Yorkshire Day (1 August). (Lonely Planet)

Explore and Learn -Life in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is England’s largest county and offers great diversity in terms of landscape, attractions, food and culture. When you come here to study English we don’t want you to leave without experiencing some of these delights in a way that folds into your personal interests.

Learn at your own pace

We have developed our English Immersion Course for Life-long Learners for those – who in the words roughly borrowed from the famous poem: ‘have the time to stop and stare’ (Leisure W.H. Davies) and who want to enhance English language practice with other cultural or sporting activities.

The beauty and uniqueness of our local landscape make it absolutely ideal for golf, cycling, or walking. Our local theatres and galleries offer great performances and exhibitions and there is history in abundance!

So if you are someone who loves doing any of these activities and also loves to speak and study English then this is a perfect solution for you.

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