Family English Courses

Courses for Families

(The joys of learning and exploring together)

When our very first family arrived from Japan eleven years ago we were not exactly certain how things would work out – but it was perfect. ‘Perfect’ is a word that lots of other families have used to describe our courses since. The beauty of our English for Families is that everyone stays together and has their lessons on the same site.

This means that they can enjoy both being together as a family (a kind of holiday) but also enrich their English language experience in lessons tailored for them – adults in one class and children in another.

Our family groups are for 4 people and we can accommodate any age of child.

All family members can study and we’ll provide two teachers or if only the children study, the parents can explore the local area.

Lessons take place in the morning so that we can organise visits and activities for all of you together in the afternoons. Our courses for younger children will include some craft work, songs and other hands-on activities. We also include some cooking – we have found that this works really well and is a great way of using English! The adults are welcome to join in too!

As with all our courses, we will create an immersion environment to give you and your children the chance to use as much English as possible. We choose places for our visits that have interest for both adults and children. We are also sensitive to the fact that you may wish to go out as a family without us and we can help you to do this by suggesting places, giving lifts to the station or helping you to hire a car.

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