Being interested in golf is something of a pre-requisite for choosing this course (having said that it is possible to add golf lessons in lieu of golf games) but that notwithstanding, English and golf are perfect partners for a sojourn at Fleetham Lodge.

Not only do those students attending get to improve their English skills formally but they set off after the lessons to put these immediately into practice! Joining in your golf hobby with other like-minded people and doing it all in English is a way of seeing great results in both language and golf skills.

Golf with the Pro


The true home of golf is just a few hundred miles north of us in Scotland (just a 3-hour drive away) but England has always been a great golfing nation too with golf courses on almost every corner! Here in our area we are fortunate to have over 12 local courses, all good and all a little different. This means that you will be within just half an hour of a golf course (the nearest is only 10 minutes away)and we try to include many of these in your English and Golf course. If you find one that you really like, then we can return there or press on with others. We know lots of local golfers too so we can organise people to play with you which is why your English ‘lessons’ keep going into your golf games!

If you need to improve golf skills we can arrange for lessons with the pro and so English and golf continue to be intertwined throughout your stay. Don’t forget either, the socialising in the golf club after the game or the lunches and dinners with your new golf friends that will inevitably follow. So, all in all, this really does constitute English language full immersion and we can say, hand on heart, that you WILL be immersed in English all day long.

Catterick Golf Course

This is a really healthy way to learn English and the quality of the local landscape (essentially the Yorkshire Dales and Moors) can only add to the enjoyment of the experience. Some of these courses really harness the landscape and give you a truly wonderful feeling of the great outdoors. Imagine playing at Richmond founded over 100 years ago and looking out over the magnificent scenery of the Yorkshire Dales or at Ampleforth a beautiful little course in the grounds of the 12th century Gilling Castle (now a school) in the Yorkshire moors.

For golf enthusiasts who are looking to combine their hobby with some English skills – this is the perfect course. Or if your Business English needs some attention and you also want to get out and play after class then we can arrange it and it’s the perfect foil to a hard morning of study.

Come with friends or colleagues and we’ll make your English and Golf experience one to remember.

English and Golf for Teenagers

Teen golfer

Golf is becoming a very popular choice among teens and we have the advantage of great junior provision here at our local golf courses. From the weekly ‘roll-ups’ with the pro where youngsters just turn up for a session (always well-attended!) to lessons with the pro and games with local teenage players, our younger students can also enjoy combining English lessons with their hobby. This is a great way of making new friends, getting immersed in English and learning both English and golf skills in one fell swoop – what’s not to like!

Golf can be organised during our summer teenage immersion courses or at other times of the year.

Another great thing about English and Golf is that they are both very weather-proof which means you can come any time, any season, any weather, which makes the combination even more perfect!

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