Steve Jobs said it best “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” This is an excellent way to approach teaching teenagers. If we as teachers can help them to stay motivated, it will make learning English a more pleasant experience. The motivation would have to come from somewhere deeper than external factors such as higher exam results and better job prospects. Intrinsic motivation is the key to making sure your students stay motivated. Intrinsic motivation is defined as performing an action or behavior because you enjoy the activity itself.Motivation Teenagers

One of the ways in which you can get your group excited is to make your lessons more practical. Take advantage of the internet and all of its viral content by bringing videos and websites into your lessons. Besides these great resources, immersing the groups in the English language is one of the most effective tools for keeping them engaged and learning.

Another way is to find out why your student wants to learn English. What will he gain by learning and what will he lose by not learning? The answer to these questions are direct motivators for him to learn.  Once you find out the answers to those questions, you can use it to help get your student back on track when he is feeling disappointed.

Our Teacher Workshops are a great way to get some practical tips and advice on teaching English to adolescents. One of the highlights of our Teacher Workshops is the visit to Howarth and the Bronte Museum. We read, watch a movie and then head out for a day to discover the life led by these sisters. The Bronte Museum is a writer’s house museum in honor of the Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne. The museum is in the former Bronte family home where the sisters spent most of their lives and wrote their famous novels. By walking in their footsteps across the moors, you become immersed into the world of writing. This immersion fills up your motivation and creativity tank so that you are able to transfer some of it to your students.

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