Is your family interested in learning or improving on your English language skills together? Do you enjoy travelling to new places and truly experiencing the full-effect of life there? Then our Family Course may be perfect for you!

Set in the North Yorkshire countryside, this is the perfect place to come to be fully immersed in the English language, and to really gain an understanding of how to use it properly. Our Family Courses cater to families that are looking to experience this together. We can accommodate 3-5 family members, and have two teachers – one for the adults, and one for the children. Although we do many things as a group, the lessons are generally split into two groups – adults and children. Children of any age are welcome, and we are sensitive to the needs of different age groups.

As far as lessons are concerned, they are completed in the morning, leaving plenty of time for outings in the afternoon. For the adults, daily lessons involve the use of a variety of resources – from text books, to real-life materials such as magazines or newspapers. For the children, we include course material as well, but make sure to keep it interesting by adding games and crafts in for them to really enjoy and learn the ins and outs of the language. We even have some cooking activities (adults are welcome to join, too) to really immerse the children and encourage learning.

For our afternoon and evening outings, typically, two instructors will go with you. This ensures the adults and children can split up to enjoy their part of the trip. On the other hand, we do understand your need for privacy and the wish to go without us; in that case, we will help arrange for a car pick-up, or suggest places to go and things to do. We typically plan our outings according to what your family is interested in, and are sure to find activities both parents and children will enjoy. Not only are these outings fun, but they are truly an amazing way to fully embrace the language and really be naturally immersed.

Our Family Course is really a unique experience. You will be fully immersed in the culture and language all around you, and you get the learning aspect of school, in addition to seeing the sights and daily living here in Yorkshire.


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