The arrival of Spring

The first snowdrops poking through the ground give us all a feeling of hope. These are followed not long after by swathes of bright yellow daffodils all along the streets and lanes and we know that Spring is here. That feeling of new life and renewal is something very natural in human beings and the signs around us – especially in the countryside – confirm our feelings of hope and anticipation after the long, dark days of winter. We relish the sun, the longer hours of daylight and the start of some warmth in the air. It is a truly special time of the year.



Full of the joys of Spring

With all of this outer bursting of life comes, quite naturally, an inner feeling of renewal and of eagerness to do new things and experience new things, no wonder then, that this is a time for travel, visiting places and exploring. The tourist industry awakens in March, venues dust off winter, fling open their doors and invite people in. The exam season starts and students start to prepare in earnest for their exams ahead. The streets are more populated, there is more bustle around and we all begin to look forward to those lazy, warm summer days that we all know will follow (although not necessarily here in England – but we live in hope :-))


Testing the beer from the micro-brewery

One group of Dutch students made the most of Spring to check out the displays of Easter eggs and other products. They were all experts in food packaging and display and we had a great time checking out shop displays, chatting to food producers and finding out about methods of production and marketing. They decided to check out all the supermarkets for their Easter displays and rate them. It was a toss-up between M&S and Betty’s – in the end M&S got their vote! The season and the fact it was Easter gave us the chance to put on a really great course!!

Finding out about brewing
Checking out the cheese choices
Easter Egg Hunt


Easter itself is so wrapped up with spring – with rabbits, flowers, eggs and lambs. We have Easter egg hunts around the garden every year which is a fun thing to do and everyone grabs a basket and joins in. We always have Easter fayre such as hot cross bunssimnel cake and Easter biscuits and usually have a big traditional Sunday lunch on Easter Sunday itself.

A great time for family groups to come and join in these events.



The countryside waking up in spring

For sheer outdoor beauty the spring is wonderful. The new, fresh greens of the landscape and the unfurling leaves on the trees coupled with the sight of new-born lambs, ducklings and birds. All of these things make us alive with wonder and joy. It feels good to be outside in nature and watch it all going on around us – it’s a time of amazing productivity and can be a great time for productivity in study too. There is time to fit in a course before the summer or to prepare yourself well for the end of year exams. Victoire did just this arriving in March for 3 weeks of English before she returned to university to prepare her dissertation and swot up for the final exams. A student of product design, there were lots of exciting places to go to for her major and we even organised a day with a professional photographer to give her some pointers as this was her great love!

The Angel of the North
The feet of the Angel! – Victoire and me










Mummy sheep and her baby lambs




So Spring is most definitely a perfect time to come, study, enjoy the landscape and get lots of fresh, ‘warm’ air into your lungs! Enjoy this video of other ‘spring’ students who have chosen this time of year for their course.



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