We’ve looked at various types of course, particular students and local places in the blogs over the past few weeks but a question you may be asking yourself is ‘When is the very best time to visit Fleetham Lodge for a course?’ The answer really depends on what you like to do and experience. In fact there is no ‘best’ time as each season brings different scenery and different opportunities.

For the next four weeks I want to show you the changing seasons here and also give you an idea about what things happen at various times of the year to help you choose the best time for you. We’ll start with summer.

Fleetham Lodge in Summer


Fleetham Lodge in high summer

Summer is a wonderful time to come if you enjoy flowers and gardens. Our garden here is at its best from May to July and, of course, the weather is warmer (although temperatures are not generally higher than 25C). It is also the time when most of the stately homes, beautiful gardens and attractions are open (generally from April to late September).

Summer allows us to sit around the garden in the evenings, eat outside if the weather is warm and even have our lessons outdoors on really balmy days.

From a practical point of view it means you have less to pack as no heavy jumpers will be necessary (although for most people the UK in summer is much colder than your own summer).

Our visits will mostly take in places that are open in summer some of the best being Newby Hall and Castle Howard both of which have lots of summer activities for young and old alike. It’s also a good time to stroll in the gardens of these houses and take a picnic out to the Yorkshire Dales or Moors.

Eating outdoors is a treat and one which is not so common here in the UK so when there is a chance we embrace it!

Leisurely lunch al fresco
Summer picnics












The seaside is a great place to be in summer and Whitby (although this is great any time of the year) has always been voted the favourite seaside place. It’s dramatic, quite unique and as well as the famous Whitby Abbey, there are boat trips, the old fish market and one or two Dracula themed attractions to see. The beach is a fun place to be even though the sea is bracing!! Not forgetting the 199 steps from the Abbey down to the town (and back up again!)

Whitby Abbey










Of course outdoor events are everywhere in the summer and these include plays (we’ve taken our students to 2 outdoor Shakespeare plays), music concerts and very traditional barn dances – which sometimes happen in the village. Last but not least is our village Feast during the second week of August there are activities each day with the final show day on the Saturday. Some of our teenage students entered the competition and two of them won first prize for cookies!!

Produce from the garden

We mustn’t forget about food. We have our own large vegetable garden and during the summer it is at its best – fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce as well as a chance to pick raspberries and strawberries, all straight from the garden. We love to cook and what can compare with food picked freshly from the garden and put straight into the pan – truly scrumptious!

So, come in summer and create some wonderful memories.



I’ll leave you with a snapshot of some of our students at Fleetham Lodge in Summer.

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