Happy Students

Horst Trodler Training manager- ABB Training Center GmbH & Co. KG

The atmosphere is so supportive...

Students are encouraged, from the moment they arrive to launch into English but the atmosphere is supportive so this is achieved effortlessly and in a very gentle way. Courses are well set up and the training is first class.

The location is rural and within a small community so using English is essential and this helps to improve language level. In addition to being a good language learning experience, students really enjoy the experience from a social and cultural point of view.

Accommodation is of a very high standard and the food is good. I have experienced this first-hand. I have no hesitation in recommending courses at Fleetham Lodge to your clients.

Mariec Smeeman English teacher at HAS at ‘s-Hertogenbosch the Netherlands

...my students learned a lot...

I have sent her quite a few groups of members of staff of my College – a University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands – and although you cannot expect wonders after only one week, people felt they had learned a lot, were inspired to go on learning English in self-study and they were much more confident using English at work.

Bernadette also organised many social activities from which they could benefit language-wise and which they also thoroughly enjoyed. If you clearly state what your needs are, she will design a course that suits your purposes.

Svetlana Kruglova

...our children began to speak fluently...

Our children – Sergey and Julia spent two weeks at Berni’s house. Those days were full of joy, fun, studying and different kinds of activities.

At Berni’s house each of our children had their own room with shower and WC. Speaking about the food it was perfect!

The lessons were interesting and informative. As a result our children began to speak fluently, they had better marks in school and there was no necessity to take a private tutor during school year.

Our family is very thankful to Berni and her family and team for her help, hospitality and work!

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