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Immersion Experience – Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest Autumn PictureThe air is getting crisp, the leaves are beginning to turn lovely shades of yellow and orange, and the days are growing shorter.  That’s right, Autumn is here, and it is a beautiful time to visit North Yorkshire!  This is an especially exciting time of year because there are so many fall festivals to attend which are of course the perfect place to meet people and practice speaking English!  One of my favorite festivals has always been Oktoberfest, and this year Newcastle Upon Tyne is hosting their first annual Oktoberfest to bring the fun of this traditional Bavarian holiday into our community.

This celebration promises to be memorable with lots of traditional Bavarian beer and delicious Oktoberfest foods like bratwurst, schnitzel, and pretzel.  There is going to be a German band playing great music and the website is encouraging attendees to wear dirndl and lederhosen which will certainly make for a very authentic and festive atmosphere! 

They are expecting nearly 6,000 people to attend the festival which stretches four days from October 27-30, can you believe it?  I love events like these because they make for a lot of opportunities to meet and converse in English with some great people while having a lot of fun in the process and getting to experience a traditional event that you may otherwise never get to enjoy.  Since 2004 we have welcomed many students here to Fleetham Lodge from many different countries and for many different reasons from English exam preparation to family fun, but all our students had one thing in common; they wanted to be in an English speaking environment for the duration of their stay, they wanted the opportunity to be surrounded by English; listening to it and speaking it every day and they also wanted to experience (not just observe) something of British culture. We feel that this is a great strength that we have here at English Language Training – to immerse our students not only in the language but also very firmly in the British and local culture.  To experience something of British culture in your own home right now, sign up for an English tea parcel to be delivered to your home!

Oktoberfest DrinkOur students come 1 to 1 to get the attention to their language that they require.

We take great pains to make sure that we maximise the time you spend with us and we know from experience that you will experience great improvement in your language skills while you are here. We also want you to have a great time here at Fleetham Lodge and we take care to arrange activities and excursions that you will not only enjoy, but that will also give you great memories!

If you are here to improve your language for your work then we will try, where possible, to include some visits which are relevant to your area of work.

I can’t wait to welcome you here! So, when will YOU come and learn with us?  Sign up for one of our immersion courses today!

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