Come, Stay and Learn for a Truly Immersive English Language Experience

Introducing your Immersion Course

If you are looking for an English course that will really improve your English language then you have come to the right place!

All our courses are tailored to your (or your group’s) specific needs. We want this to be a unique experience for you so we spend time putting each course together and paying attention to all the details so that everything is taken care of. From the minute we meet you at the airport or station you are safely in our hands so you can relax, enjoy your stay and really focus on your English language.

Our team of teachers are all very experienced in English language and for any specialised course (such as teenagers or your children in a family course) we have teachers with experience and expertise in these areas too. We have different spaces in the house which we use for teaching and will choose the most appropriate one for your lessons. Sometimes we will ring the changes and move around if the activities demand this so you will find a dynamic environment which keeps your learning active and fresh.

Polishing business English skills with Shappie from Turkey

Polishing business English skills with Shappie from Turkey

Yoann preparing TOEFL for US university

Yoann preparing TOEFL for US university

Your books and materials

We will provide you with a text book during your course here.  We have a library of books both for study and reading which you are welcome to borrow during your stay. Your teacher will use your book during your lessons but we also use a wide range of other materials so on some days you may only use your book for a homework assignment. We keep up to date with the latest materials and teaching techniques. We have a laptop in the classroom and the teacher may occasionally use this in a lesson. There is WiFi in the house so you will be able to use your own device for online access and to do your own study if you wish.

When to come

We try as far as possible to accommodate the dates that you want but we are only able to take 4 students at one time so there may be times when we are full. If a booked group has only 2 or 3 participants then we may still be able to offer you a one to one course at that time so it is worth asking.

Before you even arrive!

When you book your course with us we will send you a timetable along with the other information you receive. This timetable is an outline which means that if there is anything that you feel you want to practise that is not on the list you can tell us and we will include it. The same applies to any of the visits – if you have already been to a place and would like to experience something new simply tell us and we’ll choose something else. This is the beauty of having one to one and small groups; we can reengineer anything to ensure that you get what you want on our immersion courses.

Before you arrive we will send you a test so we can find out about you and your English. This means that we can ‘hit the ground running’ straight away on the first morning.


Afternoon tea is something Quintessentially English & we’d love you to try some Real Yorkshire tea and cake!