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If you are looking for a good IELTS Band result then our IELTS Intensive Residential Workshops are the perfect solution for you. During this workshop you will get crystal clear on exactly what you have to do (and also what you shouldn’t be doing) in order to score a high band in the exam.

As an IELTS trainer for over 25 years and a former IELTS examiner, I know what you have to do in the exam to get the bands that you are looking for. I have put all of this expertise into the workshops. We will be working all day on your IELTS skills so these courses are truly intensive.

Whatever your IELTS goal is we will prepare a course to get you there.

IETLS Immersion Training

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During your time here at Fleetham Lodge you can really concentrate on your IELTS without any distractions as we take care of everything, the books and materials, the accommodation and food, and your study timetable, so you can just focus on your IELTS study.

We will cover every part of the exam each day as well as looking at the vocabulary and grammar you need to get a the IELTS result that you want. Lessons are in the mornings and most afternoons and in the evenings you can prepare writing and any other exercises that you need, to make sure you can perform well. We will also take some short excursions so you can clear your head and get out and about a little!

You can come alone or with a group of friends or fellow students for an Intensive IELTS Workshop at a time to suit you – we are available year-round.

This is an immersion course and you will be using English all day, every day, so your success is inevitable!

Key Points:

  • You will focus on the things that will ensure your IELTS Band in the exam.
  • We can identify these things for you and help you to make sure that you focus on them.
  • All parts of the exam will be covered.
  • We have over 25 years of IELTS teaching experience as well as examining experience.
  • IELTS Courses at Fleetham Lodge are crafted to suit each individual student.
  • The maximum number of students in a group is 6 at any one time so we can really focus on every student.
  • IELTS courses are intensive and residential, so you will be using English all day, alongside your teachers, both in and outside of the lessons - this is what makes the courses truly immersion courses.
  • You can come for an individual course (or with friends/colleagues) at a time that suits you and fits in with your work or study schedule (subject to availability).
  • You can take the exam here in the UK and we can advise you of a suitable centre.

Being rural also means that we will meet you at a local airport or station and bring you here to Fleetham Lodge and take you back after your course ends – we really take care of you!

IELTS Immersion student
IELTS immersion meet and greet

Quality Guaranteed

We have a track record of supporting students in getting high band scores which goes back over 25 years. Taking an IELTS course with us, means that you are in good hands.

We will do everything in our power to make sure that you have what you need in order to pass the IELTS with flying colours.
Our mission is for you to achieve your IELTS goal.

Study IELTS Online

Of course coming to the UK is the very best way to improve your score quickly, but we also have a suite of online courses for students who cannot travel to the UK and our online students also achieve high band scores.

To find out more about these, simply contact us and we’ll set up an appointment to speak to you.

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