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I really enjoy working with IELTS students especially those who need very high bands such as 7 or 8 in every part of the test. For these students IELTS is very challenging as they need to keep all the balls in the air at the same time and this requires a lot of discipline and practice.

Most of the work done with IELTS students is online but for some students online is not their preferred method of study or they want to come to the UK to experience more of an immersion in English as well as prepare their IELTS skills for the exam. To date, students choosing our IELTS Workshops have come from Western Europe, the Middle East, India, Nepal and Russia.

Focus on IELTS each day

The main advantage of an immersion IELTS workshop over an online course is the fact that here English is being used all day even outside of the lessons which allows the students to get into the habit of hearing, speaking and generally absorbing English which helps to boost their IELTS skills too.

IELTS Intensive Workshops are, “as it says on the tin” – intensive – typically around 6 hours per day are spent in learning. This includes, as well as actual practice of the IELTS components, work on techniques and strategies to achieve the high bands that our students must have for their next step in life be that a career overseas, a high-level university course or the move to an English speaking country. We also give out homework for self-study so the days are packed with study.

Many students combine the IELTS Intensive Workshop week here with some follow-up or pre-workshop online work so that they can continue to hone their skills or use the workshop as the final push before the exam itself. Both methods can work equally well.

IELTS Intensive Workshop

It is not unusual for our workshop students to have taken the exam several times before they decide to come (indeed this is the case for many online students also) but we hope that the next exam they take will be the last one and when the visit is planned well according to their level and readiness for the band score this is mostly the case.

Being able to really concentrate on the exam can be difficult while going about your daily life. Things take over, the kids, the job, other family members and before you know it IELTS is in the twilight zone and you find yourself studying late at night in a corner of the house trying not to disturb the sleeping members of your family. Or just as you get some momentum on your practice the extended family decide to come and visit and bang goes your practice for a week or two. It’s a familiar story that I hear again and again. So the chance to have a whole week (or weekend) just for IELTS is a luxury and it can be the answer for many students.

Although we are not an IELTS centre, if students want to take the exam while they are here, there are centres close enough (York, Leeds and Newcastle) to get to and we can help students make the arrangements where necessary providing there is enough time to book (this will usually be decided at the time of booking the workshop).

What makes our IELTS Intensive Workshops so successful? Firstly I have had over 20 years of IELTS training experience all of this at bands 7 and 8. Secondly I was, for a few years, an IELTS examiner myself  and because we actually specialise in these high bands then the whole momentum of the course is aimed at getting band 7 and 8 in each part of the test.

We have a great track record. Most students get their required score and scores in Reading, Listening and Speaking are often very high, typically 7.5, 8 and even 8.5. In fact we have had 3 students achieve Band 9 in IELTS Reading!!

Afternoon tea at Bowes Museum

It would be a great pity to come all this way to North Yorkshire and only see the inside of Fleetham Lodge so we do take off a couple of hours in the middle of the week and on Saturday afternoon after our final session to go out, relax, gather our thoughts and experience something of the local area. These are welcome excursions after the rigours of non-stop IELTS study.

Groups are from 1:1 up to 4 participants – come alone or with fellow IELTS students.


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