This is a phrase used to describe the month of March, and this year it has had a ring of truth to it.

After quite a wishy-washy winter with lots of rain, March suddenly arrived with frost, cold winds and snowy blasts. However, as we get towards the end of the month, the sun is shining and the daffodils and crocuses are out in force – it’s a really lovely time of the year, full of promise and life.

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Spring really lifts spirits and makes you feel truly alive! It is really good to be in England when conditions are like this (after all, we get more than our fair share of rain) as the flowers are just wonderful.

This time of year also brings work in the garden, and we are about to begin planting onions and potatoes in the kitchen garden and sow seed for summer vegetables. Easter will be a busy time in the garden, so fingers crossed the weather will be kind.

Talking of busy, our beautiful white hens have got to work and we are getting a regular supply of delicious free-range eggs every day – these are really special! As I write this, I am watching two of them scratching away at the grass looking for food.

Our Easter golfers are also hoping for great weather, although I know they play whatever the weather!
There are other delights in store for them too: the sight of new born lambs bounding across the fields are everywhere, and it enhances a country walk to see them! We’ve also got a pair of swans on the pond behind the house. To see them fly over the garden is a real joy.

The bats will be out in the evenings soon and maybe we’ll hear an owl.

When it gets dark around 7.00, the clear skies at present are expansive with bright twinkling stars. No light pollution means we have an amazing view of these.

And this is just the beginning!


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