Introducing Fleetham Lodge

Fleetham Lodge is an old country house mostly built around 1905 but on the site of an earlier house which burned down in 1895 (there is one room from the earlier house still in existence). The house rises up through the trees as you drive towards it, its large chimneys and solid appearance sit well in the landscape. It is surrounded by 3 acres of land some garden some wilder which makes it an ideal place to enjoy the solitude both inside and out that lends itself to really focusing on studying and learning.

Your Accommodation

All the rooms in the house, including the bedrooms enjoy lovely views over the garden or across the fields. The garden has a large lawn here you can play games such as croquet, bowls and badminton or simply sit and relax. We have a vegetable garden where we grow some of the vegetables and fruit that we will be cooking for you and 2 greenhouses for cucumbers, peppers and chillies. We have a biomass boiler which is a green form of energy so we hope that we can keep you warm and help to save the environment. The garden also boasts a tennis court and we have racquets and balls so you are welcome to play at any time.

The house has three floors with bedrooms over two of these. There are two staircases one to the first floor and a second at the back of the house which links the top of the house to the kitchens – consistent with the style of living at the time the house was built when the servants kept out of the way of the householders as much as possible!

There are seven guest bedrooms and one of these will be yours during your stay. They are furnished in a period style with a desk for your study and a small sofa for relaxation. There are 3 bathrooms for you to use

Staying at Fleetham Lodge

There is a selection of books and magazines in each room and we also have a small library of books in the morning room so you can choose a book to read while you are here.

This is a family home and we welcome you to join our family while you are here with us. This is a truly unique way of learning and absorbing the language, life and culture here and one which is very different to other types of courses you may find. We encourage you to make the most of the opportunity and embrace this home-from-home experience.

Our lovely, bright classroom

We welcome you to use the house as your home while you stay with us. You can watch TV (a great thing for improving language), play the piano or choose a game to play from a wide selection including chess and Monopoly. However, we find that students often just want to sit and chat!

We have bicycles if you want to go off for a ride around the area, the roads are quite quiet (but remember we drive on the left!) The pub is just a mile away and easy to walk to – something we do from time to time. We include several visits during each week giving you a chance to explore the area further.

All the meals are prepared here at the house. David (husband) is the chief chef and a very good cook. Sometimes students like to cook something from their own country to share with everybody and you are welcome to do this if you wish. We are used to catering for various dietary needs and often cook vegetarian food and have hosted many students before with specific dietary restrictions because of religion or health and we will always try our best, with your help, to cook things that you are able to eat. We cook quite lots of fish and vegetable dishes in any case.

Kirkby Fleetham

The village of Kirkby Fleetham is very small with around 500 inhabitants, a small primary school, a pub, a post office and a thriving village hall/community centre where there is always something happening. The main industry is agriculture with many farms in the area most are mixed arable (crops) with sheep and some cattle (mostly beef). It is typical of many small villages in the UK and it is this unique setting that helps to make your course quintessentially English.

The Local Area

Driving to the seaside is one of the most magical journeys that we take our students on. Firstly, the route to the sea is not along a motorway or through a built up area, but high over the moors where to right and left you see the purple of the heather, sometimes we have to stop for sheep in the road and the sky is huge giving you a feeling of being right at the top of the world.

As the sweep of the moors starts to descend you see laid out before you the endless blue of the sea. I look for this moment every time I make this journey, it’s a favourite sight and creates a frisson every time. Soon we come to the town of Whitby, an old fishing village and popular seaside resort. As we turn right over the bridge I tell everybody to ‘look left’, another wonderful sight, the town laid out along the estuary with its coloured houses and bright fishing boats.

After this we head to Whitby Abbey which stands on the headland overlooking the harbour creating an amazing picture of the sea, the cliffs and the dark ruin of the Abbey rising up above – no wonder Bram Stoker chose it as his backdrop for Dracula!

This is just one of the many visits we make on our immersion courses here in Yorkshire. Like most of the UK there is a rich heritage here – old abbeys, historic houses, beautiful formal gardens and of course, the two National Parks; The Yorkshire Moors and The Yorkshire Dales these make up part of our rich culture and we are eager to share them with you. The philosophy behind our English Language Immersion courses is to expose you not only to the language but also the history, culture and beauty of these islands. We can only manage Yorkshire but we hope it might inspire you to travel further afield in the future and explore for yourself.

The visits are an integral part of your course and a way of extending the learning beyond the lessons maintaining the immersion and letting you use English in a more relaxed setting. You are accompanied by your teachers and this is important as, although the visits and activities are very enjoyable and we put a great deal of thought into the ones we choose for YOUR course, they are also an integral part of the English training we offer. We have found through experience that when students are enjoying what they are doing progress is better and the combination of formal lessons and these visits and activities has proved to be the perfect way to get the

Both the Yorkshire Dales and the Yorkshire Moors National Parks are great places to visit. The area also has an array of historical towns (such as York and Durham) and buildings to visit. Many of these are included in the programme and will introduce you to the history and culture of the area.

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