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Get Help With Your IELTS Reading And Writing Skills!

Reading & WritingYou may think you have what it takes to successfully pass your IELTS exam without any extra help. But, the Reading and Writing sections of the test tend to be the two areas people find the most challenging, which is why I’ve created a course that focuses JUST on this.

I’ve heard students complain that there’s simply too much to read, or they just didn’t feel they had the capability to read it all fast enough. The key to this is learning how to speed-read, and to pull the important information out as you read without stumbling over each and every word. This means fully comprehending the importance of the text without necessarily focusing on each individual word. You will need to learn how to identify key words in the text in order to answer the questions efficiently. In this course, I will provide you with tips on how to know what the important part of the text is, and how to make sure you find it quickly so you don’t waste time re-reading something more than once, and feeling frustrated if you cannot find the answer. In addition to this, practice will help, and in this course you will have the opportunity to do so.

Reading & WritingWhen it comes to the writing section of the test, this can be a tricky subject as there is so much to learn — grammar, vocabulary, verbiage, proper usage, punctuation, etc. Students tend to feel overwhelmed because they seem to not know which area to focus on first, or what is most important. I have even heard some complain of needing to re-take the IELTS exam specifically because of the writing section. So, getting a boost in this area will definitely work in your favor. In addition, you will learn tips on essay planning, essay length, and what information to include (as well as what information to exclude) from your essay. The latter can be tricky, as you want to know what positional stance to take when addressing the audience in your IELTS tasks.

Another piece of the puzzle that will help, and you will learn in this course, is time management. You need to be able to carefully plan your time with both the Reading and Writing portions of the IELTS exam, as you only have an allotted amount of time for each.

Whether you feel confident in your IELTS reading and writing skills, or you’re feeling unsure about your capabilities, this course is for you! It will help even the most skilled IELTS test-taker learn some new tips, or even act as a reminder of some old ones!

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