Come, Stay and Learn for a Truly Immersive English Language Experience

A Quintessentially English Christmas Course

Join us for this most festive of immersion experiences!  There is a ton of Christmas joy waiting for you, and the opportunity to advance your English language skills.  As you can see from the video, we have all kinds of activities planned to give you the full British Christmas experience.

Quintessentially Christmas CourseWe are busy decorating Fleetham Lodge right now: we are decking the halls with swags of evergreen boughs, trimming two beautiful, fragrant Christmas trees with delicate and colourful ornaments, and hanging strings of dazzling lights.  The fires in all of the fireplaces are lit and the house is cosy warm for your arrival.  My husband has been hard at work setting a delicious menu full of decadent desserts and savoury courses for us all to dine on together.

Perhaps most importantly, while you are here we will help you make great strides in your English language skills.  Your visit will begin with us all sitting down in front of a roaring fire with a cup of English tea to warm our hands and we will talk and get to know one another.  This is where I will really get a feel for how you are doing with learning English and where exactly I can help you.  The instruction I give you will be naturally enhanced while you are here with all of the opportunities to converse, relax, and enjoy.  We will do crafts together, attend pantomime plays which are hysterical and lots of fun, enjoy and discuss classic Christmas literature, and cook and eat together.  All of these things will help you experience English, the language will come to life for you like it never has before!

Our English Christmas will be nearly perfect, all that is missing is you!  Our first Christmas course begins November 26th and the second begins December 3rdRegister now so you don’t miss out!  We can’t wait to spend this special time with you!

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Afternoon tea is something Quintessentially English & we’d love you to try some Real Yorkshire tea and cake!