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Speciality Courses – English and Cycling

Mark Cavendish – Grand Depart 2014


If you are a keen cyclist then you will certainly know what an amazing event the 2014 Grand Depart for the Tour de France was here in Yorkshire! It was one of the greatest spectacles that this county has ever seen and 2 million people turned out to watch (and many were on their bicycles following the riders too). I went with husband and daughter to Leyburn to experience this first hand. It was an incredible sight to see them emerge over the hill and rush down to where we were all congregated. The whole day had a party-atmosphere.

Yellow flags hung in every town and village, yellow bicycles appeared everywhere and even the sheep

The crowds in Leyburn for the race

were coloured in the cycling jersey colours. And the weather on that day in Leyburn was wonderful making the whole day one to remember.

You may also know that following this event there has been a Tour de Yorkshire every year since. And that’s not all in the cycling world – in 2019 Yorkshire will again be the centre of cycling when it hosts the Road World Championships.

So why are these great cycling events coming to Yorkshire?

  • It has one of finest landscapes in the country which you can appreciate as you ride
  • The roads are quiet – many top cyclists train here for that reason
  • There is a good mix of challenging climbs and more gentle routes
  • Finally, we have a very active and enthusiastic tourist board who are successful in getting these events to come here

Here at Fleetham Lodge you can get straight on to your bike from the front door – no need to travel anywhere. To get into the Dales (where some of the most famous scenes from 2014 are shown) it is a short drive (and we take you) or you can travel  on the local railway with your bike – which is a whole other experience and one which we always offer.

Through the woods

We have sourced excellent routes in both the Dales and the Moors which, if you are a keen cyclist, we know will excite you. The scenery, the fabulous dales and moors villages, the array of pubs and beers and the camaraderie are all the things that make this a great experience.

Classes are held in the mornings generally but if the weather forecast looks worrying for the afternoon we will swap things around. An all-day ride at the weekend gives you a chance to see more and relax over lunch before the return route.

Most students can’t wait to get out on the bikes to a new area and that is great but we also add some non cycling visits  as well to give everyone a rest and see other things in the area.


Cycling around Fleetham Lodge

English and Cycling is a great course for a family group too. The children love the freedom of being able to cycle on the quiet roads (we have bikes and helmets) around the village (supervised, naturally) and those who are used to cycling can take off with their parents and our guides on longer rides.

On a family ride


It’s a fun, healthy and unique way to have a family holiday and improve English skills too.

Cycling is a good, all-year activity so you can book a course at any time. If you are not one of the hardy types then May and September are perfect.

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