Come, Stay and Learn for a Truly Immersive English Language Experience

The Ultimate IELTS Workshop

Ultimate IELTS Workshop

What if you could spend a few days hanging out with me here in the Yorkshire countryside studying together and really digging deep into IELTS while you and I work together on dramatically changing your IELTS level in every part of the test?

What would we work on first…

  1. Improving your IELTS Reading?
  2. Getting better vocabulary in your writing and speaking?
  3. Improving your Task 1?

That’s just 3 things I’ve rattled off the top of my head (how would you like these idioms in your speaking? And there’s plenty more where they came from!) Whatever your answer may be, if you’re determined to experience a dramatic breakthrough in your next IELTS exam… then keep reading. Because I’d like to invite you to a very exclusive, very intimate, and very limited opportunity to spend this time with me to work exclusively on your IELTS.

Here’s what’s happening. For 1 week you’ll be joining me and three other lucky students in my small, exclusive, learning centre here in North Yorkshire. This will be your “home” for a week, and as far as retreats go, it really doesn’t get much more focused than this!

Green, tranquil, workshopThe plan is to spend lots of quality time together, in a tranquil, very green and beautiful setting while also getting down to some serious work on improving your IELTS skills. Now, that truly is my idea of “fun learning”! During the week, I’ll be spending lots of one on one time with you so we can create a strategic step by step plan to make sure that everything in your IELTS is on-track for your desired score. Plus, there will be plenty of “group time” where we can share ideas and brainstorm each other’s IELTS strengths too. My aim for this experience is to create the ultimate environment of relaxation, learning, and growth. And to make it extra special, we’ll be taking in the surroundings and having some delicious meals together. If that sounds like fun, let me also explain why this will be seriously profitable for you.

My mission is to bring you true CLARITY around your study and the steps you need to take to quickly improve your scores and keep them at a high level ready for your exam. You’ll walk away knowing exactly WHAT you need to do to keep consistency in your practice and the best way to use your time before you take your next exam … and it’ll be a much simpler plan than you can possibly imagine.

When I work with students I’m told over and over again that I’ve got a real “knack” for helping them focus on the details that they’re not seeing – on many occasions I’ve even been told me that my advice seems “too simple” and they’re reluctant to follow it at first because I’m telling my students to stop much of what they are already doing and to focus on the small things that will improve their scores instead.

Here’s What to Expect When You Get Here

  • You’ll arrive here at Fleetham Lodge on Sunday July 17th 2016, When you arrive here (from 4pm) you’ll have the chance to freshen up, get comfortable, and prepare for the week ahead – July 18th – 23rd.
  • In the evening of July 17th we’ll all have dinner together and discuss the IELTS Workshop.
  • Your room will be a double room with a private bathroom (there are 3 of these)
  • All food and drinks will be included, and we will be preparing some nutritious food to keep the brain cells working well! We can cater for all dietary requirements
  • During your stay you can make full use of the facilities at Fleetham Lodgesince it will be your home for the week…so relax, listen to music, play the piano or watch TV. We have Wi-Fi so you can be in touch with family and friends

Yorkshire WorkshopAs far as the set IELTS Training goes, here’s what I have planned for you during the week:

Before you arrive, I will be sending you homework to complete and we’ll be meeting online as a group to go over some techniques and discuss where you are now and what areas of IELTS you are feeling challenged by.

In that way, when you get here we can jump straight into the work and I will know what areas to focus on.


  • Step #1 will be your IELTS x-ray. On Day 1 you’ll meet with me one-on-one and we’ll do a DEEP dive into everything you’re experiencing with your IELTS right now – you’ll lay it all out for me, warts and all!
  • Step #2 will zero in on your writing. For many IELTS students this is the real nemesis and that isn’t surprising as writing is the last skill to develop even in your own language, I’ll help you identify the key things you should be focusing on in YOUR writing… and what you need to stop doing.
  • Step #3 will be improving your reading techniques. Many students are afraid of IELTS reading. They often panic so much that they don’t even take on board the topic they are reading about – which is a pity as so many of them are really interesting and having that understanding helps enormously with the questions.
  • Step #4 works on effective listening skills. Listening can improve quite quickly for most IELTS students but there are some question types (multiple-choice?) that can be tricky. For some students also listening can be a challenge I will work with you not only to improve your score whatever it is now but also to help you make sure that you don’t miss anything.
  • Step #5 will create brilliant speaking skills. One of the great things about this workshop is your chance to practice the speaking exam almost effortlessly!

Let’s Cover the Nitty Gritty – The Cost

I’m going to be blunt here.

Providing a residential workshop of this kind involves not only teaching and collecting materials together, as well as hosting but also providing a suitable ambience in which to study and exchange strengths and ideas. I tried to find other courses to compare but the truth is there is no course like this anywhere else in the UK – I did look hard.

So all in, this 1 week workshop to have me personally work with you and help you take your IELTS to the level you want for your exam weighs in at an extremely reasonable £1,500 per person (everything included). And when you consider how I’ll help you get to your score in your next exam, then a better question would be how can you afford not to do this! 

Here are some bonuses you get along with the workshop

  • Bonus #1: 3 ‘Skype’ group Sessions including correcting your work before you arrive (value – £750)
  • Bonus #2: 2 Additional Skype Group Sessions After the Workshop – again with correction of your work (value – £500)
  • Bonus #3: Keeping the Group Together until Your Exams (value – priceless)
  • Bonus #4: IELTS Materials that have online resources that you can use after the Workshop

Without fail, every time I’ve worked with high level IELTS students, it has ALWAYS paid off super fast… and many, many times over. I want this for you, too!

So, go ahead and submit your application below now if it makes sense for you to do so.

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