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Viking Invasion!

Viking Invasion - Language Immersion
What I love about our little corner of the UK is that there is always something new and exciting going on!  The next few weeks is no exception, because the Jorvik Viking Festival is coming to York!

Celebrated as the largest Viking festival in Europe, (yes there are others apparently!) this event attracts thousands of guests to York from around the world.  This week-long festival celebrates York’s Viking heritage with all kinds of events such as dramatic combat performances, living history encampments, and historical talks.  Every year they celebrate a different period in Viking history, and this year they will explore the last Viking King in York, Eric Bloodaxe!

Viking Invasion 2 - Language ImmersionOne of the events I am most looking forward to is the strongest Viking competition, where bold Vikings will compete against one another in feats of strength, dexterity, and cunning until one rises to the top as the strongest, and best, Viking.  They will engage in challenges like Holmgang combat, Dane Axe holding, Shield wrestling, and my personal favourite, bragging.  May the best Viking win!

I personally cannot think of a better or more entertaining way to learn about a very important people and time in British history!  I love things like this because it makes learning come alive.  Books are great, and there are some things that only reading can really teach you, but any opportunity to make learning really live for people I am all for.  That is why immersion language learning is so important, and why we adore hosting students like you from around the world for English language immersion courses.

Immersion language learning takes the language from off of the page and out of the grammar tables and brings it alive with people and conversation and laughter!  When you come and visit us at Fleetham Lodge for an immersion course you will not only leave with a better grip of the English language, you will leave with new friends and having experienced fun and exciting things that will impact you for a lifetime.  The Jorvik Viking Festival is exactly the kind of thing that I love to take my students to; you get to surround yourself with spoken English and native speakers, enjoy yourself with the fun performances, delicious snacks, and festive atmosphere, and you get to soak up a little bit of the unique culture and history of England and English.

So, if you want to come and join me in the Northeast UK for an exciting English immersion experience, email me and we can start planning today!

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