spooky halloween immersionBlack cats dart to and fro.  Ghostly ghouls lurk just out of sight, hiding in the mists of the moors.  Your path is lit by candles flickering in the gaping mouths of grinning jack o lanterns. You’re on your way to the most frightfully fun filled English Immersion experience of your life!

We are pleased to announce this year’s Spooky Halloween Immersion Course for Teenagers, (it’s far too spooky and ghoul-tastic for adults!).  We have tons of ghostly fun planned for you this year as well enriching lessons that will transform your English skills!  That’s a winning package that’s nothing to say “boo!” to!

halloween immersionThe fun begins with a nighttime treasure hunt lit by torchlight.  You will hunt the vast grounds of Fleetham Lodge to find the treasure, but beware! England is famous for its ghosts and you never know whom else may be about in the night…  In the morning you will begin English lessons with lots of focus on practicing speaking, vocabulary, and listening.  You will be greatly prepared to practice your English speaking skills during the special events that we have planned for you like the Ghost Walk of York that we will be joining.  The Ghost Walk of York is believed to be the world’s first ghost walk, and is absolutely the world’s finest.  We will travel around York visiting the site of York’s most haunting and terrifying tales.  We will also go on an evening ghost tour of a haunting old country house, and a Halloween walk through English woods that have spawned so many legends of fairies and enchantment.  The course will be capped off by a Halloween costume party with lots of young people your own age, so bring your costume, or create your own while you are here.

We are going to have a boo-tiful time at Fleetham Lodge this Halloween, and we hope that you can be brave enough to face the ghosts and ghouls and join us here!

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