Summer Immersion English for Teenagers

For Parents

Having four children myself, I am well aware that it is important to offer a variety of activities and also give teenagers things to do that they will enjoy and find absorbing – above all they are unlikely to want ‘more school’. I have put a lot of my personal experience into designing a course that will engage teens, keep their interest and provide satisfying and clear results in their English language to carry them well into the next phase of their education. 

Dates for 2024

7th July to 31st August
For 1 or 2 weeks

So, if you are a parent of a teenager (we accept children from 12 years) looking for an effective course that will also be fun for your child and within a safe, nurturing and home-from-home environment then look no further – it’s here.

For students

If you are a teenager and you need really great English language skills to get into a good high school or university in your own country or overseas, then this is definitely the course for you. We have a great track record helping young students like you to get the English you need to move on with your education whether that is to attend school or university in an English-speaking country or in your own country. We understand what you need in your English to do this and we can deliver this on our Teenage Immersion Course.

English Immersion for Juniors

What you’ll do in lessons

Like all our immersion courses the focus is on using as much English as possible while you are here with us and so we organise the day so that you can maximise the amount of English you use. The groups are a maximum of 6 students so there is a great opportunity to get a lot of attention from your teacher.

We work on making your English fluent and accurate – practising all skills and polishing grammar and vocabulary.  

We also like to introduce some literature – usually in the form of graphic novels – which are modern and fun to read.  Would you believe that so far, the favourite book in our teenage courses has been ‘Great Expectations ‘ by Charles Dickens!

After lessons

In the afternoons and evenings, you will have visits and activities. We try to arrange some of these around your interests if we can but there will definitely be a mix of sports, visits to local historical places, cinema trips and visits to York or Newcastle.

The local area is good and safe for cycling and we have bicycles and helmets that you can use. A trip around the village (just a mile away) is an easy walk or cycle ride. 

The roads around the village are quiet during the day so if the weather is good we can take a longer cycle or take a picnic and go off for lunch – you’ll always have one of your teachers with you – so English continues! We also have our own tennis court so you can play tennis whenever you wish (or shoot baskets in our basketball net). In the evenings or when the weather is not so wonderful you can watch movies or play games.

So whether you need your English skills to:

  • Improve your speaking generally and have the chance to experience life here in the UK
  • Get better English grades in your school
  • Or for your high school choices
  • Take an English exam

We Can Help You

Our emphasis is on helping you use and improve your English language skills and we have a good track record. We have helped students get into UK boarding schools, get high marks in English in their High School exams, or apply for university.

Whatever the reason you want to improve your English, we’re excited about helping you reach your goal and have a lot of fun doing it!

Want to Know How We Can Help You Accelerate Your English Language Learning?