How many teenagers do you know looking forward to their “summer classes”? I’m going to guess none, but maybe I’m wrong.  Well, we have come up with something not only educational, but FUN for the teenager in your life! A two-week English Immersion Session, that includes golf. 

Your teenager will be fully immersed in the English language as soon as they arrive- they will only hear and speak English, which, in itself, is a truly unique opportunity. To add to that, we are conveniently located within a half-hours drive to 12 different golf courses. With our two-week immersion course for teenagers, we give the option of adding the golf for those that are interested in the sport. Whether new or seasoned golfers, all are welcome and encouraged to join. We make a point of getting to a course every afternoon, and for those interested, it’s another facet of the English language to learn.

We make sure there are times set-up for our teenagers to play golf with other teens, so they become even more submerged in English through conversation and friendship. Lessons are usually held in the mornings, but if for some reason the timing conflicts with a golf-group meetup, we are flexible and will move lessons to the afternoon. We want to make sure our students are having the most fun AND gaining as much knowledge as possible. Enjoying something encourages you to learn it, so we believe having fun on the golf course benefits these teens more than anything.

In addition to the golf trips, we organise outings so the students have a chance to learn about the area, and again, be fully immersed in the English language. Having interactions outside of an educational setting helps reinforce the learning, and will also help with day-to-day language skills. We also have movie nights and barbecues, and have a tennis court and large outdoor area to accommodate games like croquet, rounders, or cricket.

If you happen to have a teenager in your life who enjoys golf and also needs to improve on their English language skills, you should consider our English and Golf for Teenagers immersion course. And if you have a teenager who doesn’t care for golf, consider our regular Teenage Immersion Course to take.


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