Yorkshire Dales

When thinking about visiting a country it’s quite natural to be drawn to the places that are most famous. The capital city or certain landmarks – for the UK this would, of course, be London and then perhaps Oxford and Cambridge or Stonehenge, Loch Ness etc. These are certainly worth visiting and London is also a city to come back to again and again to quote Samuel Johnson’s famous line:

‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.’

However, London is not especially representative of the UK as a whole and there is much more to discover. The fact we are quite a small country also makes it very possible to explore further afield and find new places to experience. So I want to fly the flag for Yorkshire and point out some reasons why you may want to consider coming here for your English course.

Yorkshire is often called ‘God’s own country’ – people are fiercely proud of being from Yorkshire and have a word for those interlopers who move here from elsewhere in the UK  – ‘offcumdens’. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t like visitors – the opposite is true – we are very warm and welcoming and eager to present the fantastic things this great county has to offer!!

10 Reasons to visit Yorkshire for your English language course 

Rievaulx Abbey
  1. Space – we are the biggest county in the UK by a long way. We have vast expanses of landscape for walking, cycling or just enjoying the outdoors. The roads are not crowded and getting around is quick and relatively easy. I can do a 70 mile round trip in 90 minutes! (This was my daughters’ school run). The Yorkshire Moors and Dales are amazing places to explore and when the Tour de France came here in 2014 even the cyclists were surprised at how fabulous it was!
  2. Friendly People – northerners are noted for being more friendly and open that their southern counterparts. I think there is some truth in this. People are inclined to chat more and there is a slower pace of life here. Students to Fleetham Lodge have reported that people were happy to chat with them and were generally helpful.
  3. Something for Everyone – large swathes of Yorkshire are rural – especially North Yorkshire with agriculture being the main industry, however there are cities – Leeds, York, Bradford, Sheffield all of which offer good city amenities – shopping, restaurants, museums and galleries as well as their own particular history. We also have a great coastline with plenty of beautiful golden beaches and lovely seaside towns to visit – Whitby with its Dracula connection, Scarborough a typical seaside resort dating from the Victorian times and Robin Hood’s Bay an old smugglers village as well as smaller fishing villages along the coastline.
  4. Pubs! – we have so many of them (more than other places), from the quaint traditional country inn to vibrant city venues, Yorkshire certainly tries its best to continue this very British tradition and it’s not all about drinking, most now provide good food and a lovely ambiance for a relaxing lunch or dinner. Tann Hill, England’s highest pub, is a favourite of ours – in all weather!
  5. History – we have our fair share of historic houses some of the most famous such as Castle Howard and Harewood House to name just 2. We also have a large number of ruined abbeys with all the history of the reformation that they exhibit. There are other gems with magnificent gardens to visit too. York is a city going back to the Roman times and has much to offer a history buff in terms of architecture, archaeology and is one of the most attractive cities in the country.

    Bronte Trail
  6. Literature – You may not have heard of Bram Stoker but you will have heard of his masterpiece Dracula! Whitby is the setting for some of this story written while he was visiting the town. The Bronte sisters were also natives of Yorkshire and we have done many Bronte days out following in their footsteps.
  7. Yorkshire Pudding – this famous delicacy is what really makes a traditional Sunday roast dinner and we’ll provide one just for you (although I am not the best maker of these puddings!). We source all our food locally and have some wonderful food producers right on our doorstep. Our very own vegetable garden gives us organic vegetables and our very free range hens provide excellent eggs (we have been local egg champions in the Feast for the past few years).

    The crowds in Leyburn for the Tour de France
  8. Market towns – being a largely agricultural area, North Yorkshire (yes the county is split into 4 sub-regions) has several Market Towns – these are largely Georgian and are so called because the farmers would come here to sell their produce. The markets still exist but sell more than just food nowadays and are a great place to visit.
  9. The oldest working Georgian Theatre in  Britain – this gem of a theatre, small but perfectly formed, often features as one of our afternoon visits. If there is a performance then we’ll include this too.
  10. Fleetham Lodge – this is where your course will be and it is in the heart of the Vale of York
    Fleetham Lodge

    between the Moors and Dales and so ideal for all the things mentioned above! Of course in-between visiting these places you’ll be immersed in English and getting expert lessons to help you improve all your English skills so you can take full advantage of these trips.

These are just some of the reasons why Yorkshire is special. There is much to see, do and experience and I hope that this little snapshot will entice you to visit here and book an English Immersion Course at Fleetham Lodge very soon!



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